Tech giants pour millions into Trump lobbying

Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon have spent at least $10 million in the second and third quarter of this year lobbying the U.S. Government, as political climates heat up following Trump’s erratic foreign and domestic policy decisions.

Tech executives were invited to the White House in December, 2016, even before Trump’s presidential inauguration. In June, Cook, confronted Trump in person with concerns surrounding immigration policy. From left to right: U.S. President Donald Trump, Facebook board member Peter Thiel, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Oracle Co-CEO Safra A. Catz.

Tech website Recode points to record high numbers in lobbying investment for tech companies like Google, which during the second quarter of this year spent $5.4 million on “lobbying efforts on shaping self-driving car regulation, pushing for surveillance reforms and addressing potential competition concerns in the nation’s capital.”

Apple spent only $2.2 million in comparison from April 1 to June 30, but this was double over the same period in 2016.

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